Survey on Political Views of Pagans

Hello all. As part of a research project on the political views of Norse Pagans (=Heathens, Asatru members, Asatruar) in the USA. I have devised a poll on the topic for members of this Pagan community. However, after thinking more, I realized it would be useful to also ask members of non-Asatru, non-Norse Pagan groups, about their political perspectives. My hope is to be able to contrast the political profile of Asatru members with other Pagans. At this stage, I am only seeking responses from Pagans in the USA, but this could extend to other countries in the future. The survey is rather crude, only ten questions, but it is designed to at least highlight some broad-brush differences between right-wing and left-wing, conservative and liberal positions. I encourage you to participate either in the Asatru poll, if you are involved with Norse Paganism, or the non-Asatru poll, if you are Wiccan, Goddess-worshipping, Celtic, Hellenic, or other types of Pagan.

Note: these surveys are for USA citizens and residents only. I hope to develop versions for other countries in future, but at this point, USA only.

All responses are anonymous. Neither I nor anyone else will know who you are if you answer this survey. No such information is collected. The system is however designed to allow each person to respond to the survey only one time. You can change your answers up to the point where you exit, but once you do exit the survey, you cannot go back and change answers.

Here is the link for the Asatru survey:
Click here to take survey

Here is the link for the non-Asatru survey:
Click here to take survey

I will discuss results at a future date.

Just Add Water.......

…………….and wait 4-6 weeks for results, this is the current advice from my psychiatrist who has added yet another drug to the arsenal in an attempt to get me well.

I’ve been taking duloxetine for three weeks now and my mood has continued to plummet, I feel consumed by a blackness and void that comes from within.

I did my best to fight against it- ate well, exercsied regularly, forced myself to do things I didn't want to do in the hope it would help but have now succumbed and prefer to spend most of my days asleep.

So again I am playing the waiting game, sitting, or rather sleeping on the sidelines of my own life.

Reject War and Hate on 9/11: Give Aid to Pakistan Flood Relief

On this ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the USA, at a time when opportunistic politicians, publicity-hound preachers and a generally docile and subservient mass media are whipping up anti-Muslim hatred and hysteria in America, I want to suggest that the most important thing is to recognize that we are all members of the same species, and that our common future on this planet will be greatly improved by working together and helping each other than by seeking revenge or pursuing fantasies of domination over other peoples.

There is a very severe crisis in Pakistan right now. Since late July, one fifth of the country has suffered terrible floods from heavier than usual monsoon rains. Millions are homeless, many are without food, drinkable water, and medicine. Millions may die. It is urgent that people help and not turn aside from this unfolding holocaust.

I urge you to send a donation in whatever amount you can afford to help the starving, sick and dying in Pakistan. When humans stand together, it becomes harder for the forces of division to turn us against one another.

Right-wing neo-con militarists, aggressive Christians like the idiot preacher in Gainseville, and militant jihadists like Osama bin Laden all want us to hate each other and build up more and more tension and conflict.



(Here is a report from UNICEF, with a link for how to send aid:)

Support UNICEF's flood disaster relief for the children of Pakistan

More than 8.5 million children have been left vulnerable by the unprecedented flooding in Pakistan.

Homes, schools and crops are destroyed as 1/5 of the country has been inundated. UNICEF is providing clean water, immunizations and therapeutic food to stave off malnutrition, but there are millions of women and children still in need.

Help us provide urgently needed:

150,000 hygiene kits;
1.5 million vaccinations for children under 5;
3 million packets of ORS salts; and
support for 1 million school children.
Use this form to make a secure, tax-deductible donation to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, supporting UNICEF's disaster relief efforts in Pakistan: $50, $100, $250, $500 or any amount you can give will help save kids' lives.

Below is a link that you can use to send aid through UNICEF:


So I’m still depressed, I had 3 wonderful days of hypomanic respite last week but I’m back down to earth now. I’ve adopted a new positive mental attitude which basically means forcing myself to do things everyday that I don’t want to do- get up, get dressed, go out etc.

Tomorrow I’m having a much needed haircut then…….*drum roll*…….I’m going into the office for a coffee with a colleague. My heart rate increases just thinking about it- which I suppose should demonstrate it’s nothing special as my local Morrisons has the same effect, anyway, I’m going to do it.

Now that the children are back at school and I have a lot of time on my (shaky) hands my thoughts have turned to work.

I loved my job, for all the ups and downs it brought I was always happy to be there and to be part of the small select team working towards a shared goal. My job gave me purpose and identity, not to mention lots of good fun and a fairly reasonable remuneration. My job was a huge chunk of who I am or was.

I haven’t worked now for well over six months and in that time my job has been someone else’s job. I think I’ve come to terms with not being indispensable but I am plagued with worry that my time off has proved me entirely dispensable.

I often put myself in the shoes of my employer and ask would I want myself back? Would I employ someone who has been off for so long sick? I guess I wouldn’t make a very good employer as my answers are always “no”. I’m lucky, I have a good employer and I know my job will be there when I’m ready but that doesn’t make it any easier to go back.

I don’t know where I’m going to fit back in at work, from the silly things like someone else is using my desk to the serious things- I’ve no idea what’s happened over the last 6 months or so, I don’t feel I have the skills to do my job anymore now that the lithium has somewhat stunted my previously ample creativity and productivity.

I’ve been tempted to take the path of least resistance and resign, not because I want to but because it would be easier than going back. Nobody can tell me when to go back to work, my team of healthcare professionals have been quite good at telling me when not to attempt it but the decision must be mine to make when I am ready. The problem is I don’t think I will ever be ready, I think I’m just going to have to suck it and see and hope, for the sake of my shattered confidence, that I get it right.